OUR MOTTO: "We don't keep children, but love and care for them."


OUR GOAL: To hear the children say when they have grown up: "I had a happy childhood in spite of being an orphan. I have had a great education, I am a stable and whole person in spirit, soul and body."


OUR MISSION: To create within the child an awareness of belonging, to promote an environment of love and care. Giving them an opportunity to be educated, which leads them to self-reliance and self-respect, so that they may take up the responsibility of their own identity as they grow towards adulthood.


WHAT WE DO: We at Kondanani are passionately driven to give a safe haven to all children entering the gates of our premises. We provide food and shelter to the children in a loving and caring atmosphere, at the various homes and villages we have at Kondanani. We educate our children at Kondanani to have them grow not only in reason and intellect, but also spiritually and in moral conduct. We also provide health care for our big family, so we all grow healthy and strong physically as well.



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