PROCEDURES & INTEGRITY: Kondanani is supported on premises by several missionary volunteersfrom around the world including some from Australia, Holland, the United Stated of America, South Africa and the United Kingdom. These are generally serving on a mid to long term basis and are all self-supporting. We also have a large number of Malawian staff working with us averaging around 120.


The employment of just one person in Malawi supports, on average, ten people within their extended family. Kondanani is registered under the laws of Malawi as a non-governmental organisation (NGO), and we are a member of the NGO Board, a government instituted body.


We work according to the laws of the Republic of Malawi in every area, and we work with each member of staff according to the labour laws of Malawi. Kondanani is a registered section 21 company (a none profit company) in the republic of South Africa. In the United Kingdom and Netherlands, it is registered as a Charity, and Kondanani also has representation in Australia and the USA.